Officially my first solo trip and my first train cross-country experience. What else is the safest country to experience for a solo first time female traveler rather than the land of toblerone? 😀

Booked through TRENITALIA 2 weeks prior to my Milan trip, it costed me 64 EUR for two-way. Took a train to Zürich with my camera, selfie stick and a hand bag. It was a 3 hr and 40 mins trip for each way and I promise it will be the best train experience you’ll ever have. This is the perfect example of the saying, ‘It’s the journey not the destination.’ 😍 img_8329

There were no signs or announcement that we arrived but the view and ambiance said it all! Being the inquisitive person that I am, I asked… And my heart skipped a beat when the conductor answered, ‘We are now in Switzerland‘ 💕

Everything I’ve heard about the country was real and more and just by seeing it from a moving train was already detoxifying! As much as I want to describe the running water, falls, God-given landscapes and the iconic snow cap mountains, it won’t give justice but I can give a piece of advice.. VISIT SWITZERLAND! You need to see it yourself!

I already knew that Zürich was impressive but I also thought that it will be busy and maybe populated considering that it’s the largest city in Switzerland.  And I was wrong, it was peaceful and fresh air for REAL!

Started my trip with a traditional Swiss food at brassiere Federal inside the Zürich central station. 

Since I was all by myself, I decided to just relax and feel the moment. I loved the narrow, colorful streets of the city.21942495_10210226082192002_1751933443_n

Every building in Zürich has clock face but the biggest of all and whole Europe is the one in St. Peter Church.  

Any watch/clock collector knows that Swiss timepieces are the best in the world that money can buy. And its compulsory to buy one or even two, aside from chocolates! 😀

Then went to the Fraumunster church where the windows were made by the impeccable French-Russian artist, Marc Chagall.

I used a pretty good time to just sit and admire my Swiss heaven 💕

We know that Switzerland is considered as the bank hub and financial capital of the world. Among the places I visited, its the only country like Norway, who has high-priced food, shopping and everything! But the vibrance, quaintness and security it made me feel while traveling alone was incalculable.

To Zürich and the rest of Switzerland, I would love to see you again and I promise the next time we meet I will bring more people to see your greatness.


Gwendolyn 💕


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