1. Airfare and accommodation are unbelievably cheap!– For a European country which has a lot to offer it was a bargain! It will be hard to find a 187NOK (21EUR) ticket from Norway on a not so early reservation. These are the moments I’m thankful for low-cost airlines. We stayed at Opera House Hostel for 2 nights for just 743NOK (80EUR). Superb location and spacious rooms, private toilets. The only bad comment was the tight elevator, nonetheless, really a cheap find!
  2. You’ll never run out of global cuisines!– Just when you thought that Lithuania has little to offer in terms of food and options, think again girl! They have Japanese, American, Indian, Italian, Chinese, European and almost anything in between. Will highly recommend Sushi Stop for a great view of the cathedral, unlimited sushi options, ramen and more. Donut Lab, for cheap and mouth-watering sweets. Excuse us for indulging too much on KFC, let’s just say it was our priority! HAHAHA! 22053116_10210241025285570_1790012023_n
  3. Safe, clean and harmless!– Staying at the center of the city and surrounded by the famous landmarks, we felt secured and unharmed. To the point that we didn’t mind walking and taking pictures late at night. The city itself was tidy that you won’t dare to litter.
  4. Nightlife was a prime!– Walking late at night we discover a street of pubs and clubs not far away from the Cathedral. The liveliest street of Vilnius. You will surely head home happy and exhausted after being there! For us, being not very ‘young’ anymore, we opted to have our own pub in our room, which can also be a good option! 
  5. Supermarkets for the cheapest treats!– Without being biased, I love almost all grocery stores I’ve been to. Yet, IKI and MAXIMA in Vilnius will be one of the favorites. Believe it or not, we did grocery shopping three times! Lots of chocolates and biscuits on our luggages. Travel tip: buy your drinks at the supermarket. A liter of good cider for only 4 EUR! Insane!
  6. Lithuania is a country for pilgrimage tours.– Maybe, a total of a hundred beautifully constructed churches solely on Vilnius. The Cathedral of Vilnius will be my favorite amongst all. The all white facade is a masterpiece. While, St. Anne’s Church is outstanding like no other! 
  7. The lovely Trakai Castle.– 40 minutes from Vilnius you can reach the charming location of the Trakai Castle.  It is a medieval castle built on an island. Something worth visiting! 
  8. There is more than the Trakai castle!– Since we travelled all the way from Vilnius might as well maximize our time and do some adventure! We rented a pedal boat for 1 hour only for 7 EUR! My fearless friends did a pretty good job pedaling that we got to see a different side of the castle! This was the highlight of my Lithuanian trip 💕
  9. The challenging walk to The Three Crosses.– The Three Crosses placed at the most top of the hill, it symbolizes the locals’ outrageous faith. The staircase with 250 steps was not an easy deal! Well, No pain No glory! The glorious view of Vilnius was worth every step! 22053366_10210241025165567_1410128437_n
  10. The people make the country worth visiting. – The most important point of all, the people were accommodating! We had our own share of worries going to Lithuania, like if people can speak and understand english and if they are nice with tourists. But from the time we were fetched from the airport, we sensed that they have pleasant people. You’ll meet locals on the street asking how do you enjoy the place or if everything is fine or if your lost. Would you think that these people had been colonized by the Russian Empire? Of course not! Lithuania is a perfect example of an underrated country and its about time to make the country well known.

***I am glad to have shared this wonderful experience with my friends. Til our next travel together <3.



Gwendolyn 💕


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