Going to HK was my(our) first time to try Cebu Pacific. Due to a lot of nega comments about the airline, I was occupied of how our flight would be. Surprisingly, it turned out to be fine. The consequence of over thinking about CebuPac was not making a full research about taxis in HK. We took the express train transfer since it was the fastest. Then, the plan was to take a cab from HK station to our hotel. BUT NO TAXI wanted to drive us!!!! We tried talking to the drivers but they always turned us down. I started to doubt our hotel, like maybe it was too far or not a legit one since they were not answering my calls as well. When I wanted to give up, a nice old man helped us. He stopped a cab, they talked in chinese and viola, we got a ride! Apparently, we had the name and address of our hotel in english and chinese but not in chinese characters and there was no way they could understand it!!! Definitely a bummer! From then on, I realized that:

1. I must download a chinese character whatever app.

2. Not everyone is willing to help you in HK.(in any part of the world, for that matter)

After checking in at Kowloon Harbourfront Hotel (hotel review later), we immediately went to the port going to Macau. (DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT). At China ferry terminal (Kowloon area), bought on-the-spot tickets (TURBOJET, 136HKD) and without further waiting time (departure every 15mins) we were on the way to Macau! 😊 It was an hour of smooth sailing.

I got this LIFE CHANGING TRAVEL TIPS from my friend who travelled to Macau few months before us: After immigration check at Macau port:

 1. A persistent woman will come up to you to be your tourist guide for 150HKD or more for a day tour: YOU CAN MANAGE ON YOUR OWN. I MEAN, MACAU IS RELATIVELY EASY AND IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE THE HIGHLIGHTS, YOU CAN HANDLE IT 😊


First bus ride: The Venetian (BLUE BUS)

At the tourist area, where the canals, gondola, shops, restaurants are.

I must admit I thought that was real clouds. 

The Venetian is the largest casino in the world. Make sure your 21 yrs old and up to get through a hundred of securities.

We crossed the street from The Venetian to catch City of Dreams shuttle (PURPLE BUS) going to Hotel Sintra. From there its a 5 minute walk to Senado Square. Its part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau. Known for the stylish buildings and shopping spree. 

The road of Senado Square has much to offer! Food, Chinese delicacies, souvenirs..

And of course at the deepest corner you’ll see the most famous landmark of Macau, Ruins of St. Paul.

The staircase with 68 stone steps scared us. HAHAHA!

We walked to San Ma Lo to take The Galaxy shuttle (WHITE&GOLD BUS).

The outside of The Galaxy was already jaw dropping. It was so lavish and EXTRAVAGANT.

The inside was over and above that. It was grand and luxurious. Now I understand why it was so rightful for Macau to be called as the gaming capital of the world.

We had our dinner at Lugang cafe inside The Galaxy.(The name sounds disgusting in Tagalog but the food and service was first-class)

We then took the shuttle from The Galaxy back to the ferry terminal then to Hong Kong.

The first priority of this trip and maybe every first timer in HK is the happiest place on earth Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Going to Disneyland is a dream no matter how old you get.

We spent our second day to be a kid once more.

Morning parade and Disney meet ups: We loved this so much! Every detail of the floats, disney characters and music was worth your expensive Disneyland ticket! You would question yourself after the parade, if Disney characters were just really fantasies.


In terms of rides and attractions, I enjoyed it better here than Universal Studios Singapore. 

The evening parade was even more astounding!

And of course, the highlight of the night.. FIREWORKS! You must not miss it for the world! The longest and most magical firework of my life.

The best way to end our Day 2 was Ichiran at  Tsim Sha Tsui. I heard good reviews about this Japanese ramen restau. And to experience it in Hong Kong was amazing. They say, that the cubicle or classroom style was made for every customer to concentrate how flavourful their ramens are. Basically, it’s just you and your ramen. No servers, zero noise, your own faucet of water, everything you need in your cubicle. Awesome experience and super tasty ramen!

I certainly recommend Kowloon Harbourfront Hotel. Very central, superb view on all sides, big rooms, literally all you need is in your room! Too bad I don’t have pictures of the kitchen which was also great!

Day 3 was a rainy day. We relaxed and took it easy since we were so busy during our first 2 days. Still, we went out for lunch and little shopping at the Time Square of HK, Causeway Bay.

No matter how unlucky this trip started, it ended in a way that I would love to come back to shop, eat and discover more of HK and Macau. I am very excited to be back in a few weeks.


Gwendolyn 💕

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