When MJ was a kid until early adulthood, he celebrated every birthday on cruise to Germany with family and friends. While the same boat, was my first cruise and country to visit from Norway. I love the boat so much that I even brought my mommy and brother with me the second time. 

Technically, this was our first cruise together to Germany. And no better date than his 31st birthday. ❀️

I love cruises because its less expense, less tiring and less stress. Color line is a Norwegian boat that shows sophistication and only high standards. for your future bookings! 😊

First things first, Grocery! Since, everything on board are tax-free we hoard food and drinks!

Then walk around and find something to do..  until we found ourselves enjoying and winning in arcades! 😊




Prior to this trip, we promised to ourselves that we will not eat at Grand Buffet.. yes, sometimes, promises are meant to be broken.

The food was good. Seafood was my fave part. But, I still think the price was too much. ​


Watched the night’s show..

Some birthday surprise at 12am.. Luckily the coffee shop on board closes at 3am 😊




We woke up early for another buffet..

After almost a day of cruising, we arrived at Kiel, Germany. Basically, there is not much to see in this northern part of the country especially on Sundays when all malls are closed. We just went for a walk, watched people and enjoyed each other’s company.

Plus, I will recommend this brunch/dessert shop few steps from the church.. delish!

 After 4 hr on land, we then went back to our cabin to freshen up for some birthday dinner.

The first time I tried this restaurant was a disaster. I went with my family on Christmas time and everything was moving and shaking.

Followed by some live show at the top deck..

We also promised to ourselves that we will not have another buffet  for breakfast.. that’s why… We broke the promise again πŸ˜‰

There is much more to do on this cruise rather than what we did which was just eat. There are various choices for restaurants like Italian and American. A spa area and a swimming pool and some activities for kids.

If you might find Oslo boring during weekends, book a cruise and you’ll surely have fun! πŸ™‚


Gwendolyn πŸ’•


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