Spent our 6th night in Middle East at Abu Dhabi. There are multiple options of transpo from Dubai to AD. You can take bus, taxi or rent a car. For us, we took a public FX van. Way cheaper than taxi and way comfortable than bus. 1 hr &30mins ride just for 25AED! 

Since we were just in the city for a night, might as well make the most out of it. Stay in the city, get excellent accommodation and make it a night to remember.

We checked in at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers(film location of Fast&Furious 7), located in the middle of everything! When we entered the hotel the grand reception welcomed us overlooking the beach.😍

We probably stayed on the beach and pool area for 5 long hours..

Anyway, this was my favorite corner of the room…

As the hotel is surrounded by 4 more different towers with different things to offer you have almost everything you need, you can shop, dine and more! 😊

But as for us we went for Pinoy fastfood! We went at Mushrif mall, 20 min taxi ride from our hotel. The ambiance of the mall was very SM!

JOLLIBEEEEEE!!! 😊 But I ordered Chowking and he got the Gyros (Gyros, is a greek food and maybe it was the sign that our next trip would be at Santorini)

Then head our way to the landmark of the capital city of UAE, Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I had never been in a place as marvelous as this. Luxurious! In spite of all that, the line between man and woman was observed and respected.

Later  that night, was the climax and my REASON of visiting Abu Dhabi. One of my happy moments of traveling is reuniting with friends, whom I’ve shared hundreds of memories together.

I swear, there were countless moments when we said ‘remember when…..’.

Never a dull moment with these people.. I love them when they are not wasted but I love them more when they are! Thank you for making me feel like a millennial partying at Abu Dhabi! 😊

One of the perks of checking in at Jumeirah was free access of ‘Observation Deck at 300’. Located at the 74th floor of Tower 2, it offers the cherry on top view of the whole Abu Dhabi and the islands around it. 

If you want to know how it feels to be in one of the richest cities in the world, spend a night or more in Abu Dhabi! 😊


Gwendolyn πŸ’•

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