DISCLAIMER: This trip was with my mommy and younger brother meaning this blog highlights ONLY the innocent side of Amsterdam.

I asked my brother which country he would like to visit when we were planning for their Europe trip, he said The Netherlands. You won’t believe why, it was because of a bench featured in “The Fault in Our Stars”… It was a 2014  hit movie about two young lovers afflicted by a life threatening illness and the saddest of all the saddest scenes on the movie was shot in a bench in Amsterdam.


We stayed at Hotel Di- Ann for our trip. Our overall stay was okay. I mean, we were in Amsterdam for like 35 hours and the objective was to be accessible by foot to anywhere, to have a canal view and absolutely not to pay too much for a night 🙂 We enjoyed our big room and view for a low price!


From the airport to the hotel, then immediately to the reason of this tour! We never realized that there are thousands of benches in Amsterdam and that every canal in Amsterdam looks the same. Talk about the effort of finding ‘the bench’ in every street of the city, we walked back and forth trying to  figure out where was it.

And YES, the line of tourists waiting for their turn to take a photo-op with a chair full of graffiti led the way.

Since we didn’t have any other itinerary than the bench, we trusted our feet to take us to where the nicest things were..

Amsterdam and Brussels are the home of the best fries in the world. I was curious of how every person in the street had a paper cone filled with fries. We tried it.

 It was so good!! 

We tried the purple paper cones which was from Manneken Pis, they say it was world’s number 1. Well, I couldn’t agree more, with just mayo, I was catched!

Madame Tussaud. This place ended up to be one of the most enjoyable thing we did together. It was entertaining!

The city at night was crowded because of the many good finds.. Prepare to overuse your card and lose your cash! 😊

For our second and last day, we went for a canal tour. It was a total of 165 clean and well maintained canals. Plus, canal bridges surrounded by thousands of bicycles. Amusing! Also it was during this tour when we learned why houses in Amsterdam are narrow. It’s because the narrower your front house is, the lesser tax you’re paying. But don’t be deceived because their backyards are huge! 😊

We tried the Dutch national costume for our finale activity 😊

How cool is this that even in Schiphol Airport, they want you to bike while charging your phone?

Unquestionably, Amsterdam can also be a family destination. It’s more than the ‘coffee shop’ and the red light district. 😊



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