DFDS, a danish boat, is a personal favorite of mine. Solely, because of the destination..

From Oslo, it will sail you to Copenhagen.


By the way, I also have a blog about Color Line, Norwegian boat, to Germany.


Been in this boat and to Copenhagen multiple times already but there is always something new that amaze me.

Let me take you on one of the most productive cruise I had with MJ..

You have various options on how to travel from Oslo to Copenhagen. Maybe the cheapest and enjoyable way is thru a cruise. The boat leaves almost everyday from Oslo terminal at around 4pm.

Just before it leave the dock,  you can enjoy the Mermaid bar located at the top deck. This is the best spot to sight the Oslofjord.

The 7 seas buffet restaurant serves at 5:30pm and 9:00pm. You may know, that I prefer lobster than steak and this restaurant plate up intense seafood. Scandinavia, you know!

Nightlife on board is also a must! Drinks and everything on board is way cheaper than buying it on the plane.

After almost 20 hour of voyage, we reached Copenhagen.

The first time we went here we immediately went for lunch that we missed  this beautiful area..

Nyhavn is the most iconic location in Copenhagen. This is an old port where you can dine or do some canal tour excursions. You would not imagine that you will see this scenery in the middle of the city.

On the opposite side of Nyhavn is a shopping centre where everyone else go. Here, everything happens. Tours, shopping and sightseeing.

Originally, we only have 7 hour stay on land but we decided to stay for 2 nights in the city. There is a lot to see just at the city itself and 7 hours is too short.

We checked in at Absalon Hotel, few steps from the city centre and Tivoli. We did not like our stay because it was too hot. Apparently, it’s a 4 star hotel, without AC  and they did ran out of fan supply.

Anyway, I think this fast food chain- Europe office, must start to recognize me due to my undying patronage. Hahaha! For the record, there is no KFC in Oslo and Stockholm, so technically, Copenhagen is the nearest option.

As I said, the city itself has everything. Just beside KFC is the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and not too far from it is the Guinness World Records.

I’m not a fan of theme parks but since we wanted to do something we never tried together…

Tivoli is not just for thrill but they also have mini zoo, Chinatown, shows, musicals. It is an amusement park that will WOW you over all the Danish cultures.

If you have more time try to visit the Little Mermaid (walking distance from the Copenhagen port) and the Christiansborg Palace.

Activities on DFDS is an experience that you deserve once in a while.

Scandinavia is the home of world’s highest prices but don’t be scared.. Copenhagen is not as pricy as Oslo! You can enjoy and see the most colorful side of it without spending big. There are number of options for accommodation in the heart of the city without costing too much. Everything is walking distance and it is totally safe!

DFDS is also an alternative to spend less!


Gwendolyn 💕


  1. Seenorway says:

    So, you’ve been seeing Oslo, then? I didn’t find any photo report from Oslo at your blog, but
    it will probably appear later? Meanwhile I’ll share a small trick regarding my blog:
    Underneath the top picture you’ll observe a small ‘search window’, – actually a ‘text widget’ related to the contence of my blog. If you insert ‘Oslo’ in that little window and conclude with the ‘Enter-button’, you’ll be presented with everything I’ve done related to Oslo. And perhaps you’ll discover things that you had no time seeing yourself?
    A free extra trip to Oslo! 🙂

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  2. Kaycee says:

    Thanks how about if we just walk going there? And which places can we just go for a walk. Like for example, little mermaid, nyhavn and so on. Because we are planning to just walk from the port and see other places that it’s close. Thanks


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