One day prior to our trip to Bohol, an awful typhoon wrecked the province. I got an e-mail saying that our flight could not push through. Nonetheless, thanks to AirAsia for an easy and well handled re-booking.

However, Henann Resorts, can not give us the same room we booked for the new dates, which turned out to be the best thing that happened in Bohol ,that’s why it landed on the number 1 spot on my 


  1. HENANN RESORT- To make the story short, we ended up staying in an executive villa. This was MJ’s Christmas gift for me. It was perfect. No doubt, it’s a 5 star review, even before booking and challenges of coming to Bohol, Henann was already accomodating and responsive. Well, we only had Henann as our choice of hotel. They fixed everything for us. From our airport pick-up to our customized private day tour. Hassle-free! The executive villa is a private area. You have your private security, private entrance, private restaurant, private pool in every villa, private everything! We did had breakfast in 3 different restaurants inside Henann because of our VIP access but the restaurant for the Villa guests topped it all. Very peaceful and your choice if you’re going for a buffet type or ala carte or both! Every after lunch time is snack time, I had no time to be hungry! Every 5pm is cocktail time, unlimited cocktail! All of this happen in Cristina’s. Cristina’s had an awesome view and great staff that served our every need. Without setting aside the room service and meals, it was equally delectable asian cuisine. Another plus in Henann is the Kai Spa, the much needed massage and relaxation, I’m telling you I can’t remember anything when I entered the room, I was knocked out! It was that good!       ​​​​​​​​                                                                               
  2.  ALONA BEACH- What is a good hotel without a beachfront? As usual, our main goal was to do nothing and capitalize the beach. For my side who is afraid to swim, just chilling, having a good book or sleeping on the beach side is flawless. We do love beach rather than big cities and the Alona beach gave justice for our necessary break. 
  3. THE BUZZZ CAFE OF BOHOL BEE FARM- There are good many choices for dining along Alona Beach. Grilled seafood, authentic Filipino dishes and Korean restaurants are the most famous ones. Luckily, just few shops away from Henann is the popular Buzzz cafe! They have the best selling homemade ice cream in Bohol that even the ice cream cone is so gooood!! We also tried some of the food, it was light, organic and appetizing. But for me the best part of everything was the fabulous view that showcased the outstanding beach of Bohol!
  4. LOBOC RIVER CRUISE- To be honest, we did went for the river cruise for the food! Hahaha! The food has nothing spectacular. But the view was fantastic! For only 450PHP you have a buffet, a cultural show and untouched scenery. The view runs for around an hour and I promise you’ll never get bored. The floating restaurant and  the forestry serenity is truly a good combination. ​​​​​
  5. BOHOL TARSIER- Tarsiers are considered as the world’s smallest primate. Teeny body and huge eyes in pictures will definitely scare the hell out of you but in person they were really so tiny and cool! They are shy and kinda hard to find because they are smaller than an adult’s hand but once you spot them, you’ll never miss them again. They hate loud sounds so don’t scream near them. Tarsiers can be found in some islands in Visayas and Mindanao but Bohol is most famous for their Tarsier Sanctuary. 
  6. CHOCOLATE HILLSYou can miss everything from 1 to 5 but not this one. A visit in Bohol is never valid without a picture with the Chocolate Hills. I admit, we were already satisfied from the lower area of the viewing site because in order to see it from a higher point, you have to sweat! And we were never ready for that. Thanks to our driver who pushed us and motivated us to see what the Chocolate Hills has to offer. On the highest point of the site is a platform that gives you the 360 degree view of the Chocolate Hills, it was overwhelming. 1,270 chocolate cones is an unsual geological formation that made it to one of the remarkable natural wonders of the world. If you only have an hour or two to stay in Bohol, no doubt you have to be in the hills!!! Other must see are Baclayon Church and man-made forest.  


Gwendolyn 💕


      1. Seenorway says:

        Thanks for the share, Gwendolyn! You’re seemlingly having a good time? And judging from the beer bottle you’re in the Philippines? (St. Miguel is a very good beer!)
        Your picture no 13 brought my mind to a stay I had in Mobasa a good many years ago!
        Looks very pleasant! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. If you fancy Norwegian natureyou’ll find nearly 7 000 pictures published – nearly all in ‘full screen’. If you click them to f.screen, they’ll fill a screen up to 60 inches wide! Please enjoy!
        Your blog looks great. Keep it up!

        Liked by 2 people

        • gwendolyntravels says:

          So lovely! My pleasure to be visited and commented by a great Norwegian blogger! Utrolig glad for det! Jeg bor i Norge og opprinelig fra Filipinene. Så kult at du har vært der også! 😊 Gjerne at du skal skrive mer og ta flere bilder. Veldig inspirerende 💕

          Liked by 1 person

          • Seenorway says:

            😀 Nå overrasket du meg, Gwendolyn! Trodde jo jeg hadde med en turist å gjøre!
            Jeg vet vel ikke om jeg er så ‘great’, men jeg har alderen på min side! (Har blogget siden 2005, men på litt andre kanaler. Nå sitter jeg akkurat her og plundrer litt med statitstikk for jeg synes jo jeg på en måte bør markere at jeg i dag har vært 5 år på denne portalen?!
            Og jo, jeg har vært mange ganger på Filippinene, men det var en litt annen utgave av undertegnede. Da var jeg i alderen 20-30 år og – det kjennes nok litt som ‘en menneskealder’ siden 🙂

            Liked by 2 people

          • Seenorway says:

            Jeg glemte en liten ting:
            Hvis du har vært i Norge en stund, så kjenner du kanskje beliggenheten av de norske fylkene? I så fall anbefaler mjeg deg å gå inn i min selvlagede ‘INDEX’ (Du finner en link i slutten av alle innlegg) Der er alt listet alfabetisk og under sine respektive fylker. Herf kan du også lese ut hvor mange bilder som er inkludert i hver enkelt post. Alle poster som inneholder mer enn 10 bilder er ‘foto-repostasjer’. Kos deg!

            Liked by 2 people

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