For me autumn is alarming, it marks the transition to winterland. Yet, I have all the reason to be swept off by autumn. In my 5 years of seeing and living the season, I still get astonish and daze by the colors and falling leaves.

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The cold air, cozy vibe, most especially the crunchy autumn leaves under our feet gives us this strange satisfaction.

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Always a priceless feeling breathing the cinnamon scent of fall despite a grey autumn day.

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No matter all the great and beautiful things about  autumn it still symbolizes letting go and the impermanence of EVERYTHING.

Every single thing come and go and as every single leaf die and fly away, it is actually the beginning of a new cycle.


Well, I love and hate autumn.

It makes me soak in the rain yet gives me the feeling of a child who finds joy under it.

I hate it for making me realize that another year is about to end yet it makes me look forward for the glorious years thats on the way.

I love it because it makes my day colorful and better yet I hate it because in a snap it turns dark and sad.

However, I still love it for it reminds me that even in our gloomy days, tomorrow will never fail to be beautiful.


Just like our overwhelming autumn walk last year.. beautiful..


Gwendolyn πŸ’•

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