For the second time around, we traveled to Hong Kong, this time with our big extended family. Basically, we are 22 people, from 10month old to 65y/o. Yes, all ages! 


  • The more the merrier! – One’s a company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party! How much more with 22 individuals traveling together? Its almost impossible to have a dull moment or alone time in the middle of a walk. The bigger the group, the more enjoyable the trip will be. Everyday is a chaotic and fun adventure. 


  • More hassle and considerations- Traveling is always a hassle. To come up with a destination, hotel, itinerary and the likes is surely challenging whether your traveling solo or in a group. The only advantage of planning everything for yourself or for a very small group is that you can almost decide everything on your own. Which you can’t do with a big group.. In our case we had to begin from the very first step, passport application. Had to wait until almost everybody has the assurance of getting their passport before moving forward. Booking of airfare for large group is way different and complicated than what I usually do. Also, its not easy to find a hotel that have 7-8 available rooms in a definite price. Charge to experience! Well, the great experience is worth it all.


  • Cheaper costs- Since we are plenty, dividing everything is more aggreable.  The food to share can be divided to larger number than your usual family members. Everything is average and on a price that everyone agreed to.  HK is not a cheap country so having someone to share every expense is a blessing 😊


  • This may not happen to me or maybe to anybody during our trip..but you may not like where the rest is going or the group decision all the time- Every person has their own personality, likes and dislikes. Naturally, there are days or moments that you don’t feel what the rest feels. I did not had any problem with this maybe because I can go on both sides, an open itinerary helps a lot. Make a sample itinerary then get their ideas, their wants, everyone’s budget and what they like to see. Don’t just go where the majority is, analyze it and make it work! 


  • Safer to have someone you know on every corner of your peripheral view- We traveled during holiday so a bunch of tourist is expected and its satisfying to know that within this bunch of tourist is a group of people you know and will not leave you behind.


  • Big group means you have to wait and give an eye to everyone in your group- Time is very important anywhere and as you can not leave anyone behind, means you have to wait until everybody is ready. You must always leave your place intact and complete and come back much more intact and even more complete.


  • Many can take pictures of you- No need to ask a stranger for a blogger photo or a family photo. You have unlimited options!! 😊


  • Traveling with all ages- Traveling with babies and seniors can be demanding. Both can easily get tired and hungry. Some can never feel hungry during travel but it’s always a good thing to look after and give special attention to kids and seniors. Anyway, you’ll never go wrong with the wisdom of an adult and the sunshine a child can bring. 


  • You have more people you can share and look back all the memories you had with- Even before landing home we already reminisced a hundred memories we had together and it was awesome that you have a big group who can relate and understand each of it. As they say, the best things in life are the people we love, places we go and the memories we make together.

PS. In refer to this HK trip, I’ll be making a seperate blog on Ocean Park and Ichiran 😊


Gwendolyn πŸ’•


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