Recently had a trip to HK with my big family. Link here:

On our day 3, my mom, brother and I went to Ocean Park while the rest of the group went to Disneyland. We left our hotel at 8:30 in the morning and since the park opens at 10:30 am, we used our time wisely at..


As a foodie and someone who always read reviews of recommended restaurants, I was wondering of what is the best ramen in the world and I found Ichiran. Our first time in Ichiran gave us the unforgettable taste of the broth and uniqueness of the place. Ichiran is a Japanese restaurant who specializes in tonkotsu ramen. They have restaurants only in Japan, HK, Taipei and New York.

Both our first and second try was in Causeway bay in HK. Luckily, there were no queue, as I always read and get warnings of long lines and waiting time on both Causeway bay and Tsim Sha Tsui branches.

            Firsttimeisalwaysexciting!!! (2016)
Ichiran HK serves 24hrs and the Causeway branch is newly renovated thus it offer more space and seats.

The concept of the booth/cubicle type was to have a full concentration and give 100% focus with no distractions on your ramen. Each booth has a window, a drinking faucet with cold water and a button to call your server. How cool is that?

You will be given a checklist on how would you like your ramen to be. Like, the spicyness (if you like spicy food, 2 is recommended)  firmness of the noodle (mine was extra firm), onion type,and the add-ons like egg, seaweed, extra garlic and meat and mushroom which has their own prices. The ramen itself costs HKD 89. The add-ons ranges from HKD 12-15.

Simply by answering and sitting in my own personal space gave me a satisfying and great experience. My favorite part was the soup, it was flavourful and marvelous. I will not mind eating the same meal everyday! Though, the bowl was big enough that I can’t finish it.
When you’re all done, you’ll present the carbon copy of your checklist and pay on the cashier outside.

The ramen made us very full that our next meal was at 7:00pm.

Great value for money, customer friendly, sumptuous meal and amazing experience. Definitely, my best ramen in the world!


Gwendolyn 💕<<<<


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