From NY, to our next destination.. It was an easy 5 hour bus ride from Chinatown to Washington (I forgot from which bus company we booked, Megabus, I think? For sure it was the cheapest though! Hahaha! But still, I have to give them a 5 star review!) We stayed for a night at District Hotel at Rhode Island Ave http://dcembassyinn.wixsite.com/district. It was a very comfortable stay, we had a spacious room and all the essentials were provided, not to forget it’s in the heart of the city.

First impression? Coming from NYC you could easily see the difference, it was peaceful, clean and definitely less crowded! Well, I love both! I just felt more relaxed and at home at DC.

What I like most was that we enjoyed strolling yet we always end up on the highlights and the must visit. Every place was strategically located near each other.12794507_10205858799252658_2507725566137184367_n12321407_10205858808492889_2850556585374136323_n11059630_10207256359901224_5500235382300834033_n12744566_10205858808012877_160511091556717054_n12745596_10205858800252683_8038142072767442845_n

WHITE HOUSE- It is not difficult to say that the most influential leader of the world lives in the White House. Absolutely a privilege to see it in reality. Although, palaces and the home of the monarchs in Europe are the grandest of all, seeing the White House still gave me chills and a different taste of excitement.12661890_10205858803372761_2050142615791519706_n10438510_10205858801052703_1040254645120194922_n12243078_10205858800772696_6479164418402227220_n

WASHINGTON MONUMENT– At the back of the huge White House is the Washington Monument. ‘Excuse me that my attention was on this very nice path full of US flags..’ Basically, this surrounds the monument that honours George Washington. The monument is one of world’s tallest and made up of granites, marbles and bluestone gneiss.12745457_10205858798572641_2392771478438736909_n8407_10205858802372736_714959474639461145_n12744619_10205858804132780_4840190425803470059_n

LINCOLN MEMORIAL– Located across the Washington Monument is the statue of Abraham Lincoln. The only thing I remember was SILENCE was highly observed to the point that I was too shy to speak.12744480_10205858806652843_433339894543714097_n1655859_10207256355301109_2266319593312283751_n

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. MEMORIAL– Credits to MJ for introducing the guy to me. I swear, I had zero background of Martin Luther before coming. Well, according to my personal guide, King is famous due to his fight for equality, human and civil rights for African-American people. He became extra famous for his speech called, I have a Dream, became even more famous after his assassination when he was only 27 y/o. He really had left a great impact that his memorial and statue was well visited by all races.12512435_10205858806252833_6117739749404308293_n12745923_10205858806012827_6253377717163512918_n12717884_10207256353741070_4120343309079039800_n

Walking through this popular sites are more memorials and commemorations in between such as the Vietnam and Korea Veterans Memorial, Jefferson and Ronald Reagan Memorial. I would totally recommend DC for people who are interested or if you want to indulge in American history.11095115_10207256353061053_8371991425574857490_n12494833_10207256356301134_4255001162698518475_n12006168_10207256356661143_4153793082930801965_n12744553_10205858805252808_1684529646336844482_n

Studying the metro map of DC we realized that we can eat lunch at Maryland. From Union Station for about 25 minute metro ride we reached BETHESDA, MARYLAND.

The mood was quiet and country side. Maybe because we were not in the city rather in the boundary. Not bad, if you just want to get an eyeful of another US state. Though, I am so looking forward to be in Maryland again for a longer tour. 10400708_10205870919235650_709739230819654055_n12799175_10205870915835565_7272708427645328021_n12376296_10207256361261258_716048561516984004_n12802794_10205870914035520_647932086654888351_n12512444_10205870913475506_1429011797802429736_n




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