15 minute Amtrak ride from NY Penn Station to Newark Station. In just 15 minutes were already far away from the buzz of NYC.. I love how chill and peaceful it was although we arrived almost in the heart of New Jersey.

The best part of our side tour was the picturesque view of NY skyline from the calmness of Liberty State Park of NJ.

Of course, we had to devour ourselves with Jollibee and outlet shopping!!!

And had to meet my sistah.

Going back to NYC.


We had our date night at Grand Central, it felt surreal to be standing in the middle of a highly depicted terminal from many movies over time ( Step Up, FWB, The Switch, and more).

So happy when I found out that they have Shake Shack at the terminal. I tried it once in London and I would never forget how I swiped out my order for just 10 minutes or less. I am never a burger lover but MJ is and this is his first time trying Shake Shack. He became a fan right away.


If you know me by now, you’ll understand that I hate walking although I do it insanely a lot everyday. I mean, walking in the park is not my thing. Sitting in the park, maybe, but not while freezing. Nevertheless, I appreciate how clean and calm Central Park is despite being in the city that never sleep.


Shop til you drop, that for me is the best description of 5th Ave. NY shopping is absolutely my highlight. Its like another piece of heaven on earth.

True enough, after shopping we found a piece of heaven in the gothic cathedral of St. Patrick.


You can either go at the Empire State Building or at the Rockefeller. We decided to go for the Rockefeller since I would like to have the Empire State as my view and it didn’t fail me. It gave justice to its branding, Empire City, Big Apple and Capital of the World.

If time, bank account and God permits, I will fly over and over again to the shimmering city of New York.


Gwendolyn 💕

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