When we thought that we had the best moments together from our past trips, London raised the level too high! The experience is very hard to explain although we did explain it a hundred times already. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can never explain enough about the whole adventure because maybe the memories we had was unimaginable, a test of friendship and simply something that we will never stop talk about until we get old and forget it!!

To make it simple, we planned a weekend in Barcelona (blog to follow). Then, going back to Oslo, we had a layover from BCN to Stansted. Apparently, all flights from this airline were cancelled. We need to wait for 2 days to be re-booked which was unacceptable. We went our way, booked from a different airline just to go home the earliest possible chance. We were granted a transit visa already by that time.

So, at the back of our heads:


There are moments we had in between that I wanted to write here, moments that you can only share with your bestest friends 🌺

Moments that only our hearts, minds and pictures can explain 💙

For me, I don’t mind being trapped in London whether alone or with someone yet I never imagined that London can be so much more with them. So much more fun, tiring, happy, crazy and all.

I guess, in the course of this 24hours ++ stay in London, we never questioned why we had to experience those circumstances.

The heaven, stars and everything else delivered us to London to meet people we missed, to meet new friends, to solidify a friendship and to make dreams come true 💕

I’m happy to be in London again with the both of you and I can’t wait to the next one!


Gwendolyn 💕


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