I had a tight schedule that I obviously forgot to keep up with my blog.

The last leg of my Portugal trip was way overdue. But I will try to make this worth of your time.

I had never seen an orange grove in my life and driving between hundreds or even thousands of oranges was beyond belief. I remember how I wanted to stop in every orange orchards we passed by without me knowing that there were LOADS of them. I was like a child in a toy store fully amazed of yards of citrus in my sight. Probably, the biggest oranges and lemons I’ve seen.

I am not a heavy drinker, not even a drinker at all. That’s why, I wanted to visit a winery without having wine. Weird but true. We got to visit both Adega do Cantor and Quinta dos Vales.

Adega do Cantor is owned by the British singer, Cliff Richard. I think the biggest in Algarve. You have to book early to be accommodated and of course, with a fee. You can’t even pass thru the parking lot without a paid booking.

Quinta dos Vales is located in Estombar, half an hour from Lagos. It was definitely worth the ride. You have a free access to the vineyard, winery, and park. We had the entire place for our own. The staffs were nice and helpful.

I can’t pick of any favorite beach because each one was special and has something that no words can give justice.

Sao Rafael

Praia do Pescadores

Praia Salgados

And more..

We never had the intention of dropping by the city but I’m glad we had the chance.

If you’re craving for Santorini probably you haven’t heard of Portugal yet 💗

You are my 30th country and thank you for making my 28th birthday a good one!


Gwendolyn 💕

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