Remember when we were so giddy to be in Barcelona and took a picture of our first metro tix?

Remember when we got paranoid of terrorists while passing thru Las Ramblas? 

Remember when we lined up to get in Barcelona Cathedral and ended up walking out because we don’t want to pay 7euros but we were still happy?

Remember when we laughed so hard because we got lost for a good 30 minutes and realized we were just circling around the same location?

Remember when we first had paella, the fake paella?

Remember when we went to Sagrada with our terno outfits? 

Remember when we patiently supported each other for a good travel photo?

Remember when we didn’t want to pay for Parc Guell tickets and when we thought that we made it inside for free?

Remember the time when we we felt lucky that our hotel was in Plaza Espanya (meaning not too far from KFC)?

Remember when we went back to Las Boqueria market and admire the goodies but we were a little afraid to have stomach upset and just ate at Dunkin Donuts?

Remember ‘some’ of the good meals we had? And finally an authentic paella and sangria?

Remember the other fun memories we had that was not on picture? The buckets of chicken we ate, the time we were running to the wrong bus stop going to the airport without knowing that the real one was really not far, the fountain show that we didn’t admire, the multiple times we went to the mall, primark, and grocery store that made our luggage suffer and finally the best 2 nights, when we had no worries and was just pure fun? 

I will remember all of these and in case I forgot, well.. that’s why I have this blog ☺️


Gwendolyn 💕

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