Why Sydney? I remember asking my brother where would he like to travel, he said Australia.

Thank You Lord for your provision.

We spend a week in the largest city of Australia. We stayed in The Merchant Hotel in Summer Hill. Simply what I expected and more. If time and money permits, I would go back to Sydney and stay in the same hotel. Accessible to the bus, train and tram. Most importantly, my supermarket obsession is definitely within my reach.

Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the most iconic infrastructure in the city. I am not a fan of opera houses. I don’t even have a decent picture at Oslo Opera but Sydney Opera house is not in any way to miss.

We were lucky that we were on the same week when VIVID SYDNEY happened. We enjoyed the glowing and colorful lights all over the city especially at Sydney Darling Harbour Square.

With an easy to understand transportation system it was a stress free travel to Bondi Beach. This place is my favorite among all the beautiful spots in Sydney. It is just beautiful! I always imagined the likewise iconic Bondi Iceberg pool and it was worth it!

Aside from all of the recognizable places in Sydney, wildlife is another thing that they are famous for. We went at Wild life Sydney Zoo. In the middle of the harbour square is the wild.

For my brother’s 21st birthday, we had lunch at Sydney Tower revolving restaurant located at Sydney Tower Eye. Considered as the second tallest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere. And yes the restaurant is revolving. You might get dizzy at first but you’ll end up fascinated with your view. Good food, so many choices and helpful staff.

Beneath the tower is Westfield and a whole lot of shopping stores.

Just across the tower is Hyde Park and few steps from the park is the St. Mary’s Cathedral.

I’m so happy to be in Australia, to be in another continent, to see the most cosmopolitan city of Aussie. Beyond that, I was the happiest because I experienced it with my constants πŸ’š


Gwendolyn πŸ’•

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