Tulips and some crazy fun were the original plan but it led us to a calm and adult-like swing. Amsterdam is perhance our dream country to visit together. Though, easy and within our reach, our schedules were unsupportive.

We’ve been in different places together and each one of those made me feel secured and insured of the pact that we have.

So whether its a plane ride, a cruise or a road trip, I can say I always have the best time with them.

At the back of this Amsterdam dream, we do had this wishful planning of driving to Verdens Ende (End of the World) together. Well, who would not be curious of seeing the edge of the world. I had been here few times but of course it will be different with friends.

Two hours from Oslo, you’ll be at what is believed to be the World’s end. There are different places around the globe that claims to be the end of it.

Its only fascinating that even at the end of it, it only encompasses beauty and incredible creation. The unending horizon and the lighthouse made it all come together.

Ok. For all those who asked where we stayed, I’m finally sharing it.

One for the books! I’m so happy we found this cabin. Everything we asked for minus the ‘pool’ were right in front our eyes.

Would you complain if you fall asleep and wake up to this sound?

We were lucky. We had the chance to run from work and breathe.

..and eat!

We had a winter like weather on our first day but we did had a perfect weather on our last one.

Just like our friendship, from day 1 until we can no longer do buffets and jumpshots! Until the end of the world 🧡


Gwendolyn 💕

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